Amish Hideout

By Maggie K. Black. She must survive to testify...The first exciting Amish Witness Protection thriller!With a price on his witness's head, US Marshal Jonathan Mast can think of only one place to hide Celeste Alexander--in the Amish community he left behind. As a computer expert, leading a life off the grid isn't easy for Celeste, but she making the most of it.

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Wilderness Secrets

By Sharon Dunn. Framed and braving the wilderness...He needs her help to clear his name.A downed plane holds evidence that will prove framed DEA agent Jesse Santorum is innocent--and he must reach it before a drug cartel does, or all will be lost.

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Mistaken Twin

by Jodie Bailey. Drawn out of hiding...and marked for deathWhen someone attacks her at her shop, Jenna Clark knows her secret identity has been compromised. The killer she's been hiding from has found her...or has he? Police officer Wyatt Stephens vows to protect her, but he doesn't trust that she's telling him the whole truth.

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